Korean Drama : Aku & 'MIDAS'

Kisah kehidupan seorang lelaki biasa dan chaebols dalam pengambilalihan & penggabungan, pasaran saham dan dunia kewangan.

Berikut diskripsi watak2 di dalam drama korea - Midas:

Kim Do Hyun (32 years old)

A smart man without ambition. Graduated as the best of his class from Korea’s best university, he also the best when attended law school.
His father left home when he was a child, leaving him in poverty. His mother raised him in hardship and passed away when he was in law school.
He only feels warmth in his heart when he is with his long-time girlfriend Jung Yun and her family.
He wants to start a family and live happily with Jung Yun.
After graduate from law school, he joins the best law firm to make a living and maintains a stable and comfortable life.
However, his dream of peace life is shattered when he was chosen by someone and sells his soul for money.

Lee Jung Yun (27 years old)

Long time girlfriend of Do Hyun.
A quiet and unattractive student during middle and high school and was the same when she entered nursing school.
Until, she met Do Hyun and her life started to change. Her luck in life is started. She is dating Do Hyun and about to marry him but she still finds it hard to believe that she is his girlfriend.
After graduated from nursing school, she was employed by Korea’s best general hospital and not long after that she became a nurse for that hospital VIP’s wing.
However, Do Hyuk started to be a different person after he entered a law firm. Finally she finds out that Do yuk has another woman.
She plans a revenge by throws her soul away, becoming the woman of a son of chaebol named Yoo Myung Joon.
Yoo Myung Joon is the patient of the hospital VIP room where Jung Yun is assigned who suffered terminal stage of cancer.

Yoo In Hye (40 years old)

The eldest daughter of Yoo Pil Sang family.
Yoo Pil Sang seems like avarage rich family, but his real wealth is in the same size with Samsung and Hyundai.
Yoo In Hye has 2 older brothers, a younger brother (her biological brother) and a younger sister, which 5 of them came from several different mothers.
She grew up with her biological younger brother (Yoo Myung Joon) and her mother who was abandoned by her father.

In order to escape from the negative image of “the abandoned daughter of a chaebol”, Yoo In Hye left Korea to USA . During this period of time when she was away, her mother started suffering some mental disorder. Thus, the job of looking after her fell in the hands of Myung Joon.

She attended university and got MBA from USA, then gained experience as securities broker in Wall Street. Now she is the president of her own multi-billion dollar hedge fund.
Her grandfather’s loan business plus her father’s real estate business plus her hedge fund company can sway Korea’s economy.
She’s a powerful woman with no romantic experience and never been married.
She hates but also admires her father, makes her a strange monster.

Yoo Myung Joon (31 years old)

The younger brother of Yoo In Hye. Unlike his sister, he has a more softer and more delicate character.
He believes that money is the reason to the misfortune that he has suffered. Therefore, he finds that money is evil and despicable.
Due to the prejudice towards money and his own birth, Myung Joon seems cynical and waste his time by partying from dusk til dawn. He was like this till Jung Yun appeared in his life.
Myung Joon found himself down with terminal stage cancer and the nurse who was in-charge of him was Jung Yun.
As time goes by, there was some chemistry and love blossoming between the two.

##mykarya: Drama ini sedang bersiaran di saluran 393 One untuk yang melanggan HD. Walaupun ceritanya kurang adegan cintan cintun, tetapi isi kandungan dan tema amat menarik minat saya untuk mengikuti siri ini setiap malam rabu dan khamis.

Itulah kebenaran dunia korporat, itulah perjalanan sebenar sebuah keluarga yang dilimpahi dengan kekayaan. Bayangkan...harta keluarga Yu Pil Sang saja melebihi bilion Won. Bak kata orang, boleh menggoncangkan seluruh Korea!! Dahsyat tu!!

Kreatif sunggu pengarahnya, kan?

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