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Managerial Economics - Principles and Worldwide Applications

Harga Asal: RM59.90
Harga Tawaran: RM35.00 (termasuk pos)
Terbitan: Oxford University Press
Pages: 641pg


This adapted version of Managerial Economics : Principles and Worldwide Applications (6th Edition), is designed for the standard undergraduate and graduate courses in managerial economics in most business and some economic programs. It offers a complete coverage of all concepts usually encountered in actual managerial decision making.

This six edition include new sections, new case studies, over 30 of which are India based, and two new longer integrated case studies. In addition, the existing case studies, supplementary readings, and internet site addresses have been thoroughly revised.

Key features:

- Introduces a global view into the subject to reflect concepts in todays' rapidly globalizing world
- Provides a unifying theme of managerial decision making around the theory of the firm
- Contains over hundred real world case studies and six extensive integrated case studies
- Provide mathematical appendixes with several chapters along with appendixes problem

International Business -The Challenges of Globalization

Harga Asal: RM75.00
Harga Tawaran : RM45.00 (termasuk pos)
Terbitan: Pearson (Fifth Edition)
Pages: 486pg


This textbooks brings the concept of internatonal business to life! With its student-friendly approach, this book explores the key elements of international business and the central role of people and cultures.

This Global Edition has been edited to include enhancements making it more relevant to students outside the US. Pearson has worked closely with educators around the globe to include:

- A revise chapteron economics and emerging markets covering the emerging market of China, India & Russia
- More assignment material such as Ethical Challenge exercises helping students develop their business skills
- New global cases exploring current examples such as Omega's sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation

Harga Asal: RM75.00
Harga Tawaran: RM45.00 (termasuk pos)
Terbitan: McGraw Hill International Edition
(Fifth Edition)
Pages: 1,234pg



*Integrating Technology and Strategy - A General Management Perspective
*Design & Implementation of Technology Strategy: An Evolutionary Perspective
*Enactment of Technology Strategy: Developing a Firm's Innovative Capabilities
*Enactment of Technology Strategy: Creating and Implementing a Development Strategy
* Conclusion: Innovation Challenges in Established Firms